2019-02-05 — Upcoming February 17th Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, February 17 at 2:30pm at the Signature Theater cafe seating area. The address is 480 West 42nd Street. After you enter the building through the glass doors, go up the staircase to the cafe area. This area is open to the public and there is plenty of seating.

Some ideas and other interesting meetups nearby:

  1. For anyone interested, feel free to bring a book you’ve finished that you’d recommend and give someone else to read.
    • It may or may not directly relate to personal finance/investing—mainly a book you’ve read that you’d like to share.
    • If enough people participate we’ll have an interesting cross-pollinating book swap, exposing ourselves to things we may not have otherwise.
  2. There’s a Stoic meeting at Ethical Culture on CPW on Monday, 2/4/19, from 6pm-8pm. The topic is “Stoic School of Life: More on The Manual for A Happy Life.”
  3. There’s another Stoic meeting at Ethical Culture on CPW on Monday, 2/25/19, from 6pm-8pm. The topic is “Is consciousness a basic property of the universe?” There’s also a Meetup event.